An invitation to a dinner with relatives or friends, a corporate gift, a present under the Christmas tree, there are thousands of occasions when giving wine as a gift proves to be a winning choice, capable of speaking of your taste, even more so if a carefully designed gift box contributes to embellishing the bottles.

Why gift wine

Undoubtedly giving wine or sparkling bubbles is one of the most common choices among those who have to make a gift during the holidays, and also one of the most appreciated by the recipient!

Wine has always been associated with the idea of friendliness, it is often the protagonist on tables set when one wants to celebrate a festivity but also when one is among friends or sharing a romantic tête-à-tête.

This delicious drink is so beloved because since the time of Bacchus its ability to infuse joy and inebriate the senses has been appreciated. But indeed there is more than one reason why popular wisdom has handed down wine-related beliefs.

For instance, the bang produced when uncorking sparkling wines is said to drive away evil spirits, protecting those present from negativity, while white wine is a wish for good luck and wealth, thanks to its delicate golden reflections that hint at prosperity and good fortune.

The right garment

While it is true that the clothes do not make the man, we certainly all agree that a package with attention to detail can already give a pleasant first impression to the person receiving it as a gift.

Every bottle of wine can have a thousand guises, there is not just anyone right, but rather one that can speak about the personality of the giver and, why not, also of the person who makes it with meticulous attention.

Choosing to give Miglio Rosso wines as gifts by including them in Christmas hampers or selecting one of the available packages is an excellent starting point.

Firstly because the wine and the three varieties of Prosecco Miglio Rosso know how to speak of the region with their wealth of aromas and scents, and secondly because the packaging plays on a multi-sensory approach that aims to fully involve the recipient.

The smooth red satin of the bows, the sprigs of evergreen, the roughness of the jute, or the thickness of the cardboard that allows a glimpse of the labels play a very precise role, that of involving touch, sight and smell even before tasting your chalice.

Which wine to give as a present?

Knowing the tastes of the person to whom the wine is destined would be ideal. But what if it is not?

White wine and red wine are always welcome options if you are attending a dinner with several guests, but if the occasion calls for a toast, Prosecco is definitely the best choice, especially during the festive season.

Miglio Rosso offers a range of options. If you like the full-bodied richness of red wines, the Cabernet Franc DOC and Cabernet Sauvignon DOC will stand out for their intense ruby color and aromatic notes of red fruits reminiscent of the sweet, lingering scents of undergrowth, perfect in combination with meats.

For lovers of white wine, Chardonnay DOC is a ray of sunshine enclosed in a chalice, with its delicately golden hues and hints of white fruit that go well with the spicy notes of more exotic dishes.

Should one opt for a Prosecco instead, the Prosecco Brut DOC is an excellent accompaniment to any course and is ideal throughout the meal

Prosecco Extra-Dry DOC, on the other hand, will bring out the best of local cured meats and cheeses, but also emphasize the refined mineral hints of the finest shellfish.

Finally, if in addition to the sense of smell and taste you want to enchant the eye, the elegant nuances of Prosecco Rosè Extra-Dry DOC will add a touch of magic atmosphere to the most special occasions, making them unique and unforgettable moments.

How to request a customized wine box

The Miglio Rosso family is ready to fulfill your requests so that you can find the most beautiful gift packages under the tree.

You can request yours online on our e-shop, and have it shipped to wherever you wish throughout Europe, or come to Via Roma Sinistra 89 in Jesolo and choose which wine to buy after a wine tasting to make this arduous task easier for you.

If you really want to make an unforgettable gift, you can purchase a hand-painted Magnum on request, a unique piece that will surprise and enchant whoever receives it.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    6,00  VAT inc.
  • Gift Card Miglio Rosso

    25,00 200,00 
  • Chardonnay Doc

    6,00  VAT inc.
  • Cabernet Franc Doc

    6,00  VAT inc.
  • Prosecco Brut Doc

    7,00  VAT inc.