The grape harvest at our winery is the most dynamic period. The work, sacrifices, and desires of an entire year are concretized, in the month of September, in bright, fragrant bunches that shine in the sun, ready to be picked and become Miglio Rosso wine.

It’s harvest time!

Arriving about 10 days early due to the very high temperatures of this summer, the harvest season created, as always, great excitement at Miglio Rosso.

The 2022 vintage was an exceptional year for us. Due to the drought, not many grapes were produced, but this had a positive effect on their quality and final yield, giving us healthy, turgid, and full bunches of grapes.

Their higher sugar content will be converted into delicious wine, a rich concentrate of taste and bouquet that we also look forward to tasting.

Grape varieties: the first one

Miglio Rosso’s vineyards are home to numerous grape varieties, in a soil that stretches over 1 mile in length from the coastal area to the hinterland.

The first grape variety, the one with which we began our adventure in 1993, is a Raboso Piave, followed immediately by a Raboso Veronese. These autochthonous vines are part of the history and tradition of our area, which is why we are proud to be able to cultivate them, see them grow, and give their generous fruit year after year.

A curiosity that many people do not know is that these two grape varieties, rich in color in their marc, are the last two in order of time to be harvested, so the grapes are picked in October.

Grape varieties: the youngest

The youngest of the Miglio Rosso vines is a Pinot Noir, which we planted in 2019 and which today, combined with Glera, gives life to our Prosecco Rosè Extra – Dry DOC.

Of course, these are not the only grape varieties we grow: among the many, we can boast Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the aforementioned Glera, all of which are a source of pride and great satisfaction.

Thanks to those who harvested with us

The grape harvest is a moment of great sociality, and here at Miglio Rosso, we have always liked to share it with those who come to visit us eager to discover its secrets.

The rituality and poetry of ancestral gestures are repeated year after year, cementing our relationship with the land and with the people who work alongside us.

We thank the schoolchildren who came to learn and work with us, the children who harvested and crushed the grapes during the days organized by Salice delle meraviglie, but also tourists who are just passing through and those who have joined us on purpose from the Residences Di là dal Fiume, enthusiastic to get involved.

Now it’s time to wait

The harvest days have come to an end for this year. And now? Well, now it is time to wait patiently until 2023 to be finally able to enjoy the fruit of our labor, after the right amount of time for fermentation and bottling.

In the meantime, we will devote ourselves to the winter activities that are necessary to keep our vineyards healthy, following the cycles of nature, and looking forward to toasting with you the first glass of this very promising vintage!