Vine leaves are painted in warm colors, a natural palette that at Miglio Rosso seems to prepare the backdrop for one of the most magical days in a couple’s life, the ” I do” day. If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate your wedding, this is it!

The unique feel of an autumn wedding

When people decide to take the decisive step toward the altar, dreams and expectations must necessarily converge and move in the same direction to arrive at a concrete goal, at the culmination of an event capable of faithfully reflecting the most beautiful day in their memories.

The search for a wedding location has always been one of the most arduous undertakings. It is necessary to look for a place that can hold all the guests and reflect the character and style of the wedding and those organizing it.

The period chosen is also of fundamental importance, as the colors of the seasons can play a vital role in the rendering of the views that will form the backdrop to the crucial moments of the ceremony and the photographic sets that will follow throughout the day, emphasizing every precious moment.

Brides and grooms who choose an autumn wedding can count on the thousands of warm shades tinging the leaves, making the Miglio Rosso vineyards an enchanted world.

Those who love forest green, mustard yellow, burgundy with violet notes, and warm orange will have a breathtaking natural palette at their disposal!

Celebrate and party at Miglio Rosso? Now you can!

More and more newlyweds, opting for a civil ceremony, are choosing the solution of a single location for the celebration and the party afterward.

This solution is in fact extremely convenient and practical, limiting travel to a minimum on such a hectic wedding day.

The bride and groom can have a firm point to rely on and the guests, especially those who come from other cities and are not familiar with the area, will experience the event with greater comfort and a sense of continuity, without having to trust the navigator to get from the ceremony venue to the wedding party.

Since July 2022, Miglio Rosso has become a Municipal House, so the bride and groom who wish to do so can choose their officiant and celebrate an enchanting wedding in the vineyards.

Afterward, they can move on to the areas set up for the banquet and get the party started!

Giving your own imprint to the event

Certainly, a location like Miglio Rosso has much to tell, but what we want most is to ensure that the voice of the bride and groom, who are the undisputed protagonists of the day, can be heard!

They will choose the Catering service that will give the right tone to the wedding banquet, pairing it with Miglio Rosso wines

Greenlight also goes to the floral arrangements of a trusted florist, who will be able to integrate his creations and arrangements into an already lush natural landscape.

Come discover the location

If you are planning your wedding in Jesolo, you absolutely must visit us!

Miglio Rosso offers you large outdoor spaces, capable of accommodating up to 300 guests, and an indoor hall for more intimate private parties.

We will guide you through the rows of vines and show you what a shabby chic o or country chic vineyard wedding could look like, immersed in nature and brought to life by the warm colors of the earth and the trees.

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From the picturesque avenue surrounded by majestic trees to the well-tended garden, every element will highlight the most beautiful day of your life. We know you have already found your sweetheart… now we are ready to make you fall in love with us too!