The desire to leave behind the chaos of urban centers to rediscover country life, in contact with nature, involves more and more people. This marked desire for authenticity certainly concerns lifestyle and values, but it is also reflected in what we choose to eat and drink with meticulous attention to nourish our body.

From the rooted cuttings to the glass, we follow the growth of the grapes, right up to the moment of tasting the excellence that this unique territory offers us in our best Veneto-made wines.

Dino Colla: the production of rooted cuttings (BARBATELLE)

The Colla family’s passion for grapes began with our grandfather Dino, who, upon buying a house, found the first vineyard where grapes for red wine are still produced today. Between 1966 and 1967, during the difficult period of the Flood, from a moment of crisis came the real opportunity for growth and redemption of the territory, thanks to the reclamation of the Basso Piave area.

It was at that time that Dino decided to make each specific stage of processing the plant efficient, creating its own market segment for each one. The first stage in this process was the production of rooted cuttings, which led to the expansion of the company’s land in 1974 as a result of increased demand.

Planting rooted cuttings has a twofold advantage: they can be sold or used to produce grapes for wine-making.

Pierangelo Colla: cultivating vineyards

The products grew rapidly and Dino’s son, Pierangelo Colla, sensed qualities that were still unexpressed.

He decides to put them in the foreground, thus introducing the production of grapes for third parties.

Pierangelo specialised in the cultivation of vineyards and the production of grapes, in order to be able to control the final products and certify their quality.

While in the past the production of wines was delegated to the social cellars, to which the grapes were destined, today Pierangelo gives way to the third generation of the Colla family and to more ambitious projects.

The third generation: Miglio Rosso wines

When Pierangelo’s sons joined the company in 2021, the production of Miglio Rosso wines was proudly launched, the natural outcome of a journey among the best grapes of the territory.

This phase is strongly characterized by a typically contemporary conception of living the entire property, highlighting its spaces, products and potential.

We are dealing with the third and final cycle, but also a road made up of study, commitment, passion and dedication that still holds many surprises.

We firmly believe that wine is an entirely subjective expression, a form of language that can be translated in several ways, each reflecting an individual taste.

The history of Miglio Rosso runs for over half a century and is marked by challenges and successes in the hard-working environment of the Lagoon and its historic producers.

Our grapes and wines represent the concrete fruit of admirable commitment and continuous efforts to build credibility and create a new vision.