Wine has always been present on the tables of the country as on those of kings, during daily meals, and as the protagonist of sumptuous banquets. It would be reductive to believe that one should limit oneself to drinking it, when its properties and uses are innumerable, especially during the colder months.

Wine and winter

A nice lit fireplace, a cozy sofa, and a glass of red wine in your hands: this is how many people imagine a cold winter evening to be comfortable in a relaxing break after a working day away from home.

Indeed, drinking a glass of wine in winter has always been one of the most common remedies to warm up a bit, thanks to the vasodilating and invigorating properties of this beverage.

While many prefer a structured red wine to pair with winter dishes, rich and complex in taste and aromas, more and more are opting for white wine even in winter, perhaps taking the precaution of preferring wines to be drunk at room temperature and with an alcohol content above 14 degrees.

The coldest days of the year

In vineyards and cellars, winter is a time for care and rest, especially during the coldest days of the year.

Between the rows of vines, pruning takes place, while in the barrels the fruit of the autumn harvest slowly matures, turning into the delicious nectar that we will be able to enjoy in the coming months, at the end of this period when the temperatures are cold and invite us to the warmth of home.

Indeed, we are approaching the Days of the Blackbird, on 29, 30, and 31 January. 

There are so many popular legends about the Blackbird Days, but they all agree that in the beginning, these pretty little birds were white.

One of the most widespread legends says that in order not to let her newborn chicks suffer the rigors of the snow, a blackbird transported them and their nest close to a chimney and then went in search of food.

On her return, she found the birds completely black, due to the soot that had stained their white plumage. From that moment on, blackbirds are said to be black in memory of the coldest days of the year.

On these days, relaxing with a good glass of red wine can be a solution, as can preparing a good mulled wine, steaming and spiced, to warm the hands and heart in a harmony of scents.

The cosmetic properties of wine in winter

There are more and more Beauty Farms that, especially in the winter months, suggest Wine-Therapy or Wine Wellness courses, a cuddle to be discovered immersed in whirlpool baths in which red wine and hot water are mixed, followed by massages and scrubs based on hot must, grapes and grape-seed oil, a panacea to reactivate the microcirculation, relieve osteoarticular pain and improve the circulation of capillaries numbed by the cold.

This restores optimal cutaneous elasticity, moisturized skin relaxes and a feeling of restfulness pervades the body and our mind.

The benefits are immediately visible, wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes brighter, and even, in some cases, there is a noticeable reduction in dark spots.

If we then consider that almost always at the end of these itineraries, it is possible to have a wine tasting and enjoy them together with proposals from local producers, well-being is assured, and the cold of winter already seems a distant memory in view of Spring!

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